Firmware consists of the embedded software and hardware that runs inside of AND's devices. Firmware is updated periodically to add new features, address issues, or enhance existing features. Beta firmware has only gone thru limited testing. Production firmware has been thoroughly tested and gone into production. the beta releases are usually interim releases between production releases, and the production release contains all of the preceding beta features/fixes.

Retrieving and Installing Firmware

 Devices are generally upgraded in one of 3 ways, detailed instructions which can be found in our upgrade process instructions. Basically, you can upgrade each device manually by going to its webpage, or use IP Clockwise to upgrade selected devices, or use a config file for large scale operations or 3rd party software.  To download the firmware files, please sign up at our customer portal.  

Upgrade Quickstart

            If your devices have access to the Internet and/or IP Clockwise, you don't need to download the files listed below for methods 1 and 2. You just need to know the correct file name, and it will upgrade over the network.
  • Method 1 - Manual, using device's webpage: 
    • Open the device's webpage (using IP Clockwise or some other means)
    • In the Device Settings->Firmware sub-menu, type in the new filename as listed below (i.e. you don't need to actually download the files if you use AND's public HTTP server)
    • Click the "Reboot Now" link to reboot the device (it will then go to the HTTP site automatically and download the new firmware and upgrade the device)
  • Method 2 - IP Clockwise:  Right-mouse-click on the device or device group you want to upgrade and click "Upgrade Firmware", select the firmware version, and click OK.
  • Method 3 - Configuration file: This is for large scale institutions or installs, and when using 3rd party software... see here.
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