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In addition to the guides below, see our App Notes.

If you are looking for more information on creating or editing a device configuration file, please contact tech support at 847-463-2237 or email  A configuration file reference document is available in our customer portal.
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Users Guide / ManualDescription
Users Guide / ManualDescription
AND_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf Fast and simple guide for setting up an AND device out of the box. 
AND_IPSWS-SM-O_Installation.pdf Mounting instructions for the AND outdoor speaker. 
AND_IPSWS_Installation.pdf Installation guide for the IPSWS-SM and IPSWS-FM. 
AND_IPSWD_Installation_Template.pdf Mounting template for the IPSWD and IPSWD-RWB. 
AND_IPSWD_Installation.pdf Installation guide for the IPSWD and IPSWD-RWB. 
AND_IPStrobe_Installation.pdf Installation guide for the IPStrobe. 
AND_IPSCM-RM_Installation.pdf Installation guide for the IPSCM-RM. 
AND_IPCSS_Wood_Frame_Installation.pdf Installation guide for the IPCSS wood frame. 
AND_IPCSS-RWB_Installation_Template.pdf Mounting template for the IPCSS-RWB. 
AND_IPCDS-RWB_Installation_Template.pdf Mounting template for the IPCDS-RWB. 
AND_IPCDS-RWB_Installation.pdf Installation guide for the IPCDS-RWB. 
AND_installation_and_setup.pdf General installation and setup guide for AND devices. 
AND_Clock_Installation.pdf Installation guide for AND stainless steel devices (includes IPCSS-RWB, IPCSL-RWB, IPSIGNL-RWB) 
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