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* IPClockwise release notes *

Version 1.9.002 - Released 01/09/2015
-Expires 08/01/2016
-Improved network and internet monitoring functions
-Added SNMP support for IP cameras
-Included warnings in regards to licensed content for Live Sound and PC Audio tabs
-Fixed  a situation where Clockwise could ignore GPIO input shortly after an endpoint was rebooted

Version 1.9.001 - Released 11/21/2014
-Expires 08/01/2016
-Added Firmware 1.4.4 and removed firmware 1.4.3
-Added multiple columns to Endpoints tab (previously Devices tab) including:
Visual Last Ping indicator
Microphone Level
GPIO and Flasher states
Camera status
Current Time and Time Server
Power Consumption
-Migrated Default Settings and Sound Library files to Windows All Users directory
-Improved labeling text and feature descriptions throughout Clockwise
-Added Network and Internet monitoring to Clockwise header panel
-Added ability to sort all columns
-Mark endpoints as Favorites for ease of access
-Added Camera tab (must have camera equipped endpoint)
-Improved password protection and security
-Search the endpoint list by MAC address even if none are displayed
-Right-click option added to Settings button to Import/Export Clockwise settings
-Collect status and log files from devices on your network
-Updated Twitter interaction to work with recent changes
-Various improvements to user interface and functionality
-Fixed possible bug during creation of error reporting email
-Fixed a bug that could cause Endpoint list to report accurate device count
-Fixed a situation where disabled Alerts could sometimes display as enabled
-Fixed Column auto-resize mode which caused visual glitches in Endpoint Tab

Version 1.8.010 - Released 03/03/2014
-Expires 08/01/2015
- Added Firmware 1.4.3 and removed firmware 1.4.2

Version 1.8.009 - Released 02/03/2014
 -Expires 08/01/2015
- Added Firmware 1.4.2 and removed firmware 1.4.1
- The locations of devices are now displayed in the device list.
- The temperatures of devices are now displayed in the device list.
- The ambient light levels of devices are now displayed in the device list.
- The Event/Alert editing dialog has been updated to be less cluttered and easier to understand..
- Event/Alert Priorities are now displayed on the Event and Alert tabs of ClockWise.
- Added variable substitution for text messages.  The following variables will be replaced at play time with the current date or time; {date}, {time}.
- Pixmap animations can now be significantly longer.
- Events/Alerts can now trigger GPIO outputs of devices.
Events/Alerts can now change the clock colors.
- Clock colors can now change automatically to reflect the status of stocks.
Added posting to Twitter endpoints.
- Added sending to Email endpoints

Version 1.8.007 - Released 06/19/2013
 -Expires 07/01/2014
-Added Firmware 1.4.01 and removed firmware 1.4.

Version 1.8.006 - Released 4/16/2013
-Priorities throughout ClockWise now have a maximum value of 100.  This fixes an incomptatibility with event/alert files from older versions of ClockWise and supports new changes in the upcoming firmware 4.1.
-Slight improvements to the Perform Easy Configuration and Firmware Update mechanisms.  Enhanced support for old firmware.

Version 1.8.002 - Released 1/18/2013
-Alerts with audio components can now be cancelled from the switchboard.
-The switchboard now allows for the editing of the target of a button via the button's context menu.
-Event and alerts with playing audio components now show up as bold and underlined in the Event/Alert tabs instead of having a red foreground color.
-Weather feeds now come weather underground.  International weather can be accessed with WMO station numbers.
-Fixed a bug that prevented sound from events/alerts from playing to PC Speakers.
-Errors now show up as red in the log viewer.

Version 1.8.000 - released 12/14/2012
-Supports all the latest firmware features as of firmware version 1.4.
-Added the PCAudio tab to allow all sounds generated by the ClockWise PC to be broadcastto speakers.
-Support for "low latency" audio broadcasts.  This allows for speakers to be used for voice reinforcement.
-Added multi-user security permissions and password encryption.
-Added automated firmware update feature.
-Supports SNMP polling and trap handling.
-Added support for pixmap animations.
-Added support for 1 and 2 bit color pixmaps.

Version 1.7.17 - released 04/09/2012
-Virtual switchboard for triggering alerts and live sound.
-External calendar event handling.
-Added text flashing.
-Added Text shadows.
-Added Text background color.
-Added inline text commands.

Version 1.6.5  - released 4/29/2011
- code improvements to prevent runtime CLR20R3 error in Windows 

Version 1.6.4  - released 4/28/2011
- Live Sound playback (microphone) improved.

Version 1.6.3  - released 3/10/2011
- All built-in sound libraries removed from Clockwise installer.  Use individual Sound Library .msi's to install desired sounds.
- Added support for search terms in RSS feeds.
- Added support for Speakers to register with Clockwise via AND registration requests.

Version 1.5.14 - released 1/28/2011
- Added support for Twitter feeds.
- Added more Scoreboard features.
- Priority levels added to all tabs.

Version 1.5.11 - released 12/17/2010
- Updated IPClockwise to use .NET Framework 4.0.

Version 1.5.10 - released 12/15/2010
- Added support for Speaker Groups.
- Added support for image import into PixmapBuilder.
- Added support for A-law encoded audio files.
- Updated priority settings in messages to operate as audio priority level as well.
- Improved performance of microphone data processing.
- Fixed tab order in RSS configuration.
- Fixed u-Law decoding performance.

Version 1.5.8 - released  11/29/2010
- Display images now stored in separate files within the \Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Clockwise\Pixmaps\ directory.
- Added display images as examples.  Includes Fire, Lockdown, Sunny, and Tornado.  
- Fixed bug in RSS Feeds that caused error when no RSS feeds are configured. 

Version 1.5.7 - released 11/19/2010 
- Added RSS Feed functionality and tab.
- Fixed bug in single line static text that caused message to blink on and off when only one line was entered.