IP Clockwise

Advanced Network Devices supports many 3rd party software vendors, for a variety of applications:
  • Informacast
  • IPcelerate
  • SA-Announce
  • MessageNet
  • Bell Commander
  • others
These tend to be used in enterprise applications requiring broad telephone system integration, emergency broadcast, mass notification, redundancy, higher levels of support, etc. as used in schools, hospitals, retail, etc.

IP ClockWise is an alternative for smaller scale systems not requiring phone integration or performing simple testing. It is a PC/Mac application that quickly finds all AND devices, and can be used to demonstrate all AND device features. It also supports bell scheduling, scrolling text (RSS/Twitter, news, etc.), clock chimes, and bidirectional audio, etc. but it does not run the complete phone system, and is not server based, and is not intended for large scale applications. We rely on the partners above for those higher end applications.

Click here for video demonstrations of IP ClockWise

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