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If you are looking for more information on creating or editing a device configuration file, please contact tech support at 847-463-2237 or email  A configuration file reference document is available in our customer portal.
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App NoteReferenceDescription
GPIO Output AN001 Describes how to use the GPIO of AND devices to connect and control an external device such as a relay-controlled strobe 
SIP Device in Call Manager AN003 Describes how to add an AND device as a SIP Device in Cisco's Call Manager 
Using GPIO with Clockwise AN004 Describes how to do GPIO-related events in Clockwise. This is also known as GPIO Callback 
Using an Extron Paging Sensor AN006 Most AND devices can be connected to the paging sensor input of an Extron PVS switcher in order to mute the connected Extron speakers. This App note describes how to connect and do this. 
Line In Audio AN007 Most AND devices support Line-In. The line in audio can either be amplified locally and played back on the device’s own speaker(s), or broadcast over a network via multicast. This App note describes how to make the connections. 
Line-Out Audio AN008 Line-level audio signals can be output from most AND devices, for use with external amplification, recording, etc. This App note describes how to make the connections 
Pigtail Cable Assembly AN009 Describes how to make the 2-wire cable that can be built in order to establish a physical connection between an AND device and another device 
Push Button Input AN010 Describes how to connect and configure a push button input with an AND device 
Sound Masking AN011 Describes how to utilize AND device's built-in sound masking capabilities 
Zeroconf with Clockwise (running an endpoint standalone with a PC) AN012 Describes how to set up your speaker or clock by getting time from Clockwise, when no network is present. This is mainly useful in standalone applications and demos 
Firmware Update using SA-Announce Server AN013 Describes how to update firmware on a group of speakers or clocks using Syn-Apps' SA-Announce Server. 
Using Message Priorities with InformaCast AN016 Describes how to utilize AND message priority actions with Singlewire's InformaCast software. 
External Speaker Interface AN017 Describes how to connect a second speaker to an AND device 
Strobe Kit AN019 Describes how to install and use an external strobe 
Zone Controller 2 AN020 Describes how to install and use the ZONEC2 zone controller. 
IPStrobe AN021 Describes how to install and operate the AND-IPStrobe 
Peripheral Interface Board AN022 Describes how to install and use the peripheral interface board 
Configuration File Validation AN025 Describes how to validate the syntax of an AND device configuration file using an XML schema.  
Restrict Access to Device Web Interface via SNMP AN026 Describes how to restrict access to an AND device web interface using SNMP 
Call Button Kit AN030 Describes how to install and use the call button kit (AND-BTN-KIT-1) 
IR Remote AN032 Describes how to use an IR remote to make SIP calls and change volume on a live call. 
Activating LED Flashers AN040 Describes how to activate the LED flashers on AND devices. 
Analog Clock Synchronization AN041 Describes how to synchronize time on analog clocks using a ZONEC2 as the Master Clock 
LLDP-MED Configuration with Cisco Switch AN046 Overview of how to integrate AND devices on a voice VLAN using LLDP-MED 
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